Amanda vs Megan

20 minutes

High Quality

Wrestla-Girl certainly has gone global. From tiny beginnings in Australia to the big time of America. Two American girls contacted us about wanting to do a wrestling video specifically for us. Not being released anywhere else, pole dancer and gymnast Amanda faces off against strong dancer Megan for a battle of fitness. With the girls doing a lot of standing grappling it's take no prisoners as the girls battle it out as only the "wrestling mad" Americans can.
As always only one girl can triumph and the confidence of the US girls comes to the fore. 
We are proud to endorse these amazing new Wrestla-Girls! You'll love them too!
US wrestlers but with cheaper Australian dollars 

Note: This was recorded without Wrestla-Girl producers present so there are some slight anomalies compared to our normal presentation.


Watch the promo of these two girls fighting it out here!